The scorching hot weather has arrived, bringing a few skin challenges. But fear not—we’ve got you covered. Tackling skin issues like tanning, hyperpigmentation, and acne breakouts can be a hassle, but it is no longer the case. 

We promise we won’t let the sun’s glow take away yours. As we understand, dull and dehydrated skin is the worst nightmare in this hot weather.

This blog post explores the need to switch from essential skincare to summer-friendly options and offers some product recommendations that will leave your skin glowy and fresh even in the heat. 


Why Should You Use Different Products In Summer?

Our skin’s needs change throughout the year. Just like we upgrade and modify our wardrobe according to the weather, we should adapt the proper skincare products according to our skin’s needs. If you can't wear a thick jersey as a top in this hot weather, why do you think a thick moisturiser is a good option? 

Top 5 Skincare Products Recommendations For Your Skin


Tea Tree Oil With Salicylic Acid Facewash

Cleanse away the dirt and pollution accumulated on your face by staying outdoors through a gentle, non-sticky, hydrating face wash that cleans the excessive oils on your skin and helps reduce the active acne and acne marks. We recommend Tea Tree Oil With Salicylic Acid Facewash by Beautenic, as it contains Tea Tree Oil, which helps to soothe inflammation and redness caused by sunburn, and Salicylic acid, which helps to exfoliate dead skin, clear excess oil, and reduce the appearance of pores on your skin.


Intense Pro Moisturising Gel With Hyaluronic Acid 2.5% + B5 + Ceramide

In summer, sweat and oil irritate our skin due to heavy moisturisers, clogging the pores and making it prone to acne. Many people avoid using moisturisers, thinking they solve their problems but worsen them. But what if I told you there was a solution to this problem? You do not have to run away from moisturisers but rather run even closer to them. We recommend using a lightweight, non-sticky moisturiser that hydrates your skin and makes it smooth and supple for long-lasting hours. 

One recommendation for a moisturiser would be Intense Pro Moisturising Gel With Hyaluronic Acid 2.5% + B5 + Ceramide by Beautenic, with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin hydrated and supple and treats signs of skin ageing. Vitamin B5 acts as a natural humectant and retains the moisture in the skin, hence repairing the skin barrier in hot weather. Staying out in the sun for too long can also dry your skin. This moisturiser contains ceramides that reinforce the skin's moisture barrier and protect it from external aggressors, including weather and pollution.

Ultra Sheer Daily Defence Mineral Sunscreen SPF 60, PA+++

According to dermatologists, leaving your house without applying SPF is the biggest crime in summer. Just use sunscreen 15 or 30 minutes before leaving your home and reapply every 2 hours, and you are good to go. However, choosing the right sunscreen for hot and humid weather is another task. But you should not be worried about it as  Ultra Sheer Daily Defence Mineral Sunscreen SPF 60, PA+++ by Beautenic, is the best choice to beat the heat this summer. 

Niacinamide 5% Serum

Along with following your basic three-step skincare routine, the ultimate choice is to invest in a good serum according to your skin needs. In summer, tanning and hyperpigmentation are some of the leading skin concerns. Niacinamide 5% Serum by  Beautenic can be the best option as it is dermatologically approved for brightening skin tones. It also controls the excess sebum production and the appearance of oily skin.

Research has shown niacinamide can interrupt the terrible inflammation UV light causes in the skin, so using a niacinamide serum under your sunscreen is a great way to protect and repair.

AHA 10% + BHA 2% Serum

With all the humidity and sweating of the skin, the pores may get clogged if not appropriately exfoliated, and the skin may get irritated and dry if exfoliated harshly by using the wrong products or scrubs. For this reason, AHA 10% + BHA 2% Serum by  Beautenic is an excellent choice to use twice a week, as it gently removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and clears away dirt and debris. Just make sure not to use it more than 2x a week as your skin may get irritated by that. Also, remember that it might make your skin sensitive to the sun, so remember to use Ultra Sheer Daily Defence Mineral Sunscreen SPF 60, PA+++ when going out.


Final Verdict

Catering to your skin's needs according to the weather is crucial if you want healthy and glowing skin. Along with following your daily and weekly skincare routine, you must also drink 2L of water daily, take vital supplements, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise, and have a good night's sleep of 8 hours.