Many people believe that sunscreen is only necessary in summer, but this is a myth. Winter sun, especially with snow reflection, can be equally damaging to the skin. Sunscreen, like Beautenic Ultra Sheer Daily Defence Mineral Sunscreen SPF 60, is crucial for winter skincare.

Myth vs. Fact:

  • Myth: Sunscreen is only needed on sunny days.
    • Fact: UV rays penetrate clouds; sunscreen is essential even on overcast winter days.
  • Myth: Only high SPF levels matter.
    • Fact: SPF 60, as found in Beautenic's sunscreen, offers balanced protection without being excessive.
  • Myth: Sunscreen can be skipped in winter.
    • Fact: Winter UV exposure can still lead to skin aging and damage.

Incorporating a high-quality sunscreen like Beautenic's SPF 60 into your daily winter routine protects against harmful rays and maintains skin health.

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